Seamless Texture and Decal Timelapses

A collection of timelapses that show how we make our seamless and masked textures.
Photoshop Match Color

A tutorial about the Match Color feature in Photoshop.

A small tutorial with some tips on how to convert and save DDS cubemaps.
Photoshop blendmodes explained

An extensive tutorial explaining all Photoshop blendmodes. With practical examples for texturing.
Photoshop tricks and tips

A collection of Photoshop tips and tricks to increase your productivity and makes your live easier.
Creating a rope texture

Rope is hard to photograph, this tutorial shows how you can create a rope texture from scratch in your 3D package.

With this technique, you will get the normalmap almost for free!
Tiling complex patterns

A tutorial on how to create tilable textures out of complex patterns. An alternative way to tile textures.
10 Texture photography tips

Ten tips on how to shoot sharp, pretty and most of all useful textures.
Recolouring wood textures

In this small tutorial I explain how to prevent textures looking 'flat' or monochromatic when recolouring them. Another useful example of the 'Blend If' function.

(Read the tutorial about 'Advanced blending with Blend If' first if you do not know this technique).
Recovering detailed normalmaps from photo textures

Scott Warren explains how he extracts much more detailed normalmaps from photos. This technique allows you to create normalmaps with very large features instead of a fine grained pattern.
Advanced blending in Photoshop using 'Blend If'

Learn how to quickly blend layers based on intensity. Add dirt in the cracks of stones, selectively recolour textures without labourious mask painting! This technique has lots of uses, and it will save you tons of time.
Advanced blending in Paint Shop Pro using 'Blend Ranges'
A tutorial by Doofi which explains how to use the Blend Ranges in Paint Shop Pro

Alpha mask background trick

A quick and easy way to make your alpha masked textures blend nicer into the background.