Frequently Asked Questions

May I use these textures for free?
Yes, the textures may be used for free in 2D or 3D computer graphics, movies, printed media, computer games and 3D models. When bundled with a 3D model or scene you are allowed to sell it as a package.

No permission is granted to sell or redistribute the textures as a competing product, even when the images are modified. Please do not redistribute or sell textures by themselves, or as texture packs, or as clipart, or as material packs, or as scrapbooking packs.

May I use your textures in printed media?
Yes. You are free to use the textures in printed media, such as magazines, CD covers, DVD covers, books, advertisements, and flyers.

May I use your textures to design a website?
Yes. You are free to use the textures for (commercial) website design if you are creating a unique website (not a website theme, see next FAQ entry).

Can I use your textures to design a website design which I sell to many different people?
No. Textures from CGTextures may not be used in website themes/templates, this is considered reselling textures.

Do I need to pay royalties when I use the textures?
No. CGTextures is not like most stock-photography sites. Textures may be downloaded and used free of charge.

Can I use the textures to create digital scrapbooking materials?
No. The images may not be used for digital scrapbooking AT ALL. As you can read in the license, the images may not be redistributed as textures or as derived products. Scrapbooking packs generally consist of cutout versions or layered versions of the textures. They are derived products; thus you would be reselling a derived product. To make it crystal clear: You may not use the images for ANY kind of digital scrapbooking work.

Can I use your textures in Second Life?
No. Textures from CGTextures may not be used Second Life anymore, please read this announcement.

Can I create materials for my render program using images from CGTextures and redistribute these materials?
No. You are not allowed to redistribute materials created with images from CGTextures.

I want to use a texture on a billboard. Do you have higher-resolution versions of these textures?
No. The images on the site are at the highest resolution available.

Do I need to add credits or a link to this website when I use these textures?
Credits or a link are always appreciated, but they are not required.

May I use your textures to make a (commercial) computer game?
Yes--with the exception of Open-Source projects. See below.

I have used the textures on a 3D model/scene. Am I allowed to sell the model/scene and textures as a bundle?
Yes, under the following condition: You have customized the textures for the 3D-model or scene, and you are selling the model and texture in one package. Please add the following text in the documentation accompanying the model:

"One or more textures on this 3D-model have been created with images from CGTextures.com. These images may not be redistributed by default. Please visit www.cgtextures.com for more information."

I have used some of the textures to create a map for a computer game. May I distribute this map?
Yes, provided the textures are used in the map. In that case, you are allowed to bundle them and distribute them as a package. Please add the following text to the documentation of the map:

"One or more textures on this map have been created with images from CGTextures.com. These images may not be redistributed by default. Please visit www.cgtextures.com for more information."

May I put some of your textures on my own website?
Redistribution of the textures is not allowed. Please keep the textures in one place (this site). That way everybody knows where they came from and what the license terms are.

May I create a texture pack with these textures and sell it on TurboSquid/Cornucopia/Second Life?
No. You are not allowed to sell or distribute textures created with these images. To make this extra clear: Modified or not, images may not be redistributed or sold as a competing product (textures)! This is a very common clause in the license agreement of almost every texture and stock-photography website. If you wish to profit from selling texture packs or scrapbooking elements, your only option is to get a camera and photograph your own textures.

Do these textures fall under an Open-Source license?
No. These textures fall under the CGTextures License.

May I use these textures in my Open Source (Creative Commons, GPL, etc) project?
No. These textures may not be used in Open-Source projects. The licenses are not compatible. Almost all Open-Source licenses allow redistribution of the materials, and redistribution is not allowed for these textures.

I have spend hours extracting a texture from its background. Surely I can sell it, now that I have spend so much time on it, right?
No. Even when you modify the images, you are not allowed to sell them. Allowing this would invite abuse: It is too difficult to define what an adequate modification is.

You say mass-downloading is not allowed: What do you mean by mass-downloading?
That's when you try to download the whole website to your computer, including thumbnails and html files. Attempting to download this many pages would use up a lot of bandwidth and would make the site slower for everyone else. Anybody trying to mass-download will have his/her IP banned automatically.

How does the quota work? Is it daily, monthly, or permanent?
The quota system calculates the amount you have downloaded in the previous 24 hours. There is no daily reset at any particular time. If in the previous 24 hours you have downloaded more than 15MB, you have exceeded your quota and are prevented from any further downloading.

I downloaded nothing today, but the site says I have used up my quota! How come?
Most likely you have downloaded some textures yesterday. The quota system looks at the previous 24 hours. Downloads from yesterday still count.

Do members have access to more textures?
No. Everyone can download the same textures. Members do have access to larger versions of some special textures.

What other benefits does a membership entail?
A larger download quota; no banners; up to 120 thumbnails per page; four different thumbnail sizes and 3D previews of the skies; and some other display settings.

Is it possible to contribute my own textures?
No. I am not at the moment accepting new contributions. I am dedicating all my time to photographing and processing my own photos and those of a select group of contributors. (Contributed pictures take a lot more time. Lens distortion and noise need to removed manually. Both things are corrected automatically for my own camera).

I have a free account, how do I change my email?
Simply email me your old and new email address, and I will update it for you.