Search Tips

Color keywords

All textures contain color keywords. Possible colors are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, beige, black, dark, light, gray, white and saturated (=colorful).
So searching for "door red" will return all red doors.

Excluding keywords

Keywords can be excluded by adding a minus sign in front of them. So if you want to find all red doors, but don't want any metal doors try searching with "door red -metal".

Texture Numbers

All textures have a unique texture number (it is shown on the download page behind the name). You can use these numbers to find specific textures. For example, try searching for "45434"

Searching for filenames

The search field now also supports searching on filenames. For example, try searching for "WoodPlanksBeamed0042" or "WoodPlanksBeamed0042_L.jpg".